About us

IT Park Jizzakh is a place with modern technologies and comfortable conditions created for everyone, regardless of age, who are interested in this field, to take the information technology industry to the next level in this region. The main goal of IT Park Jizzakh is to implement modern technologies through the development of information technology in the region, to create new jobs and thereby improve the living standards of the population. IT Park Jizzakh has all the conditions to support startup projects, attract young people to the field of information technology and provide them with solid knowledge in this area.


Legal entities registered on the territory of the Republic of Uzbekistan can become the resident of IT Park. The status gives an opportunity to be exempted from paying taxes, as well as receive a number of benefits.


We are looking for startup projects in the field of IT, aimed at the global market. If you meet the criteria described above, then join us for a three-month program to gain the skills necessary for entrepreneurs to create and manage their company.


Education plays the most important role in our life. Everyone knows that it is one of the most significant acquisitions for a person. In a sense, this is an investment in the future, a guarantee of a successful life. Education has been highly valued at all times, because the progress of mankind largely depends on educated people. In recent years, the role of information technology in the life of any society has been increasing. Today, it is impossible to imagine any industry and its further development without information technology. The development of the industry leads to an increase in the demand for personnel in this area. Therefore, if you want to become a demanded professional in the future, do not hesitate, become an IT specialist.